Rocking Your Next Audition

Be ready for your next audition with these helpful tips from actor, director, and producer, Michael Mario Good!


You’ll learn relaxation techniques, the dos and don’ts for virtual and in-person auditions, and how an audition looks from a casting director’s perspective.


This information is invaluable for all types of performance auditions—acting, modeling, singing, and more.


Watch this webinar today!

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Michael Good

Acting Coach

Michael Mario Good holds a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Theatre, a GPSC certification in Drama, and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. He has worked as an actor, producer, and director for over 20 years. As an educator, he has worked in various school systems as a drama teacher for all grade levels. He is an Acting Coach for Theatre, Film & Television, and has a passion for helping actors achieve their dreams. As Owner and Founder of Good Acting Studio, his vision is to train all actors from novice to professional to become a total actor.