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How to Become a Professional Actor

If a life on the stage or in front of the camera has always been your dream, we can help.

Steps to Becoming An Actor

There is no single path to becoming an actor, but there are some steps every aspiring actor should take to give them the best shot at being successful.

  1. Take acting classes. Even those born with a natural acting talent can learn from the professionals. Take some acting classes in person or virtually to hone your skills if you’ve done some acting, or to learn the basics if you’re just beginning.

  2. Have a quality headshot and acting resume. Most casting calls will require you to submit some information about yourself before you are able to audition. A professional photo and polished resume can make you stand out among the competition.

  3. Gain some acting experience. Whether it’s a musical at school, a community theater play, or a video for a local non-profit, there are many ways to gain some experience on the stage before trying out for paid roles.

  4. Find and attend casting calls. The best way to find legit acting opportunities is by working with an agent. They will know what casting calls are the best fit for you and will likely be able to help you secure an audition.

  5. Practice, practice, practice. Actors not only need to practice for upcoming auditions or roles, they also need to practice when they have no leads. Continuously practicing your craft will ensure you are ready when the time comes.

Types of Acting

There are so many ways to put your acting skills to good use. You may find you prefer one type of acting over another, or you may enjoy trying different things throughout your career.

  • Film or TV actor

  • Commercials

  • Voiceover acting

  • Theater

  • Live entertainment

How We Can Help Your Acting Career

We provide free training material and acting workshops all over the country. We also offer virtual workshop options to those that cannot make in-person workshops. Sign up now via the form on the right to start building your acting resume, learn audition techniques & insight into the industry, stay up-to-date to casting calls for film & TV, network with agents, scouts & casting directors, and more!

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