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How to Become a Professional Dancer

Going from dancing for fun to being a professional dancer requires hard work and dedication, among other things.

What Does A Professional Dancer Do?

It is essential to understand that dancers are athletes and physical training is a large component of the profession.

Dancers can find work in a variety of different places, including on a live stage or in movies, TV shows, commercials, or film.

When they aren’t performing, dancers practice, rehearse for auditions, and eat right to stay healthy.

One aspect of becoming a professional dancer that many people don’t think about is marketing themselves. It doesn’t matter how talented or highly trained a person is if no one knows about them.

Finding & Attending Dance Auditions

While you can look online for dance auditions and attend them yourself, your chances of finding and being selected for quality positions are much higher if you work with an experienced agent. Agencies will most likely want to see a resume of your prior experience, and videos of you dancing before they take you on as a client.

How We Can Help Your Dancing Career

We provide free training material and professional-led workshops all over the country, such as Jeremy Sickles from the Daniel Hoff Agency or Matthew Prescott from the Joffrey Ballet and The Institute for American Musical Theatre NYC. We also offer virtual workshop options to those that cannot make in-person workshops.


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