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Modeling for Kids

It’s easy to laugh it off when kids seem to want to be the center of attention. But if your child has a penchant for the theatrical and shows an interest in showing off their talents, why not give them the spotlight?


A great way for kids to venture into the world of arts and fashion is to get them involved in modeling.

Why Consider Modeling For Children?

Modeling is a career that’s full of creativity and expression, which are always healthy for kids to engage in. Children will have plenty of opportunities to express their personalities with different kinds of shoots. And while modeling is of course still work, it often ends up being tons of fun!

Parents who get their children involved in modeling are also helping their kids gain experience in work that could end up becoming a life-long passion and lucrative career path. So not only will modeling for children be a great way to practice creativity but it can also help set them up for future success.

Types Of Modeling For Children

When you get your child into auditions, talent scouts could recommend them for a variety of different types of modeling jobs, including:

  • Apparel: Modeling shirts, jackets, shoes, and other clothing and accessories for apparel brands.

  • Modeling for visual ads: This could involve products that are meant for kids, such as toys, or modeling for family products, such as outdoor camping gear.

  • Commercials: Modeling that could involve acting and reading lines for broadcasted ad campaigns.

  • TV and film: Many kids who audition for modeling gigs are chosen for parts in TV series or films.

At the end of the day, there are all kinds of fun possibilities that could arise from helping your child show off their talents.

Things To Think About

When thinking about signing your kids up for an audition, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. For one, it’s essential that your child shows interest in doing this sort of work. It will be difficult to get quality photo and video content if your kid isn’t interested. But more importantly, it’s also simply never good for kids to feel pressured into starting a modeling career if they don’t express a genuine interest in it.

Another important consideration is while not all jobs will pay very well, this is the perfect opportunity to find out if modeling is a good fit for your family. Plus, building a solid portfolio will lead to more promising possibilities in the future. If your child has fun modeling and you’re able to fit it into your schedule, you’ll likely find it to be worthwhile.

How We Can Help Your Child

We provide free training material and modeling workshops all over the country. We also offer virtual workshop options to those that cannot make in-person workshops. Sign up now via the form on the right to learn modeling markets & requirements, stay up-to-date on modeling opportunities for kids and teens, network with agencies & scouts, and more!

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