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How to Become a Professional Model

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a model, now is the time. There is an ongoing need for models of all sizes and ages, and we can help find the right fit for you or your child.

How to Get into Modeling

Starting a modeling career can seem daunting at first, but it’s certainly possible for anyone with the desire and motivation to make it happen.

Start by getting professional photos taken that can be shared in person and online. Then create a positive social media presence that allows you to communicate with and be discovered by those in the industry. Keep your skin, hair and body healthy by eating nutritious foods and drinking plenty of water.

Pay attention to the modeling being done around you—on TV and billboards, in magazines and online ads, at live fashion shows. Practice posing for the camera or walking the runway, and figure out which angles are the most flattering for your features.

Find a trustworthy agent who will work hard to get you noticed and will continue to promote you as you further your modeling career.

Types of Modeling

The world of modeling is as diverse as it is exciting. Being a model doesn’t just mean walking a catwalk or being in Vogue, although those are two very prominent modeling careers. Here are some of the job opportunities in modeling:​

  • Fashion model

  • Runway model

  • Fitness model

  • Swimsuit model

  • Plus-size model

  • Petite model

  • Mature model

  • Hand model

  • Child model

  • Senior model

  • Parts model

  • Print model

How We Can Help Your Modeling Career

We provide free training material and modeling workshops all over the country. We also offer virtual workshop options to those that cannot make in-person workshops. Sign up now via the form on the right to start building your modeling resume, learn modeling markets & requirements, stay up-to-date to professional modeling opportunties, network with agencies & scouts, and more!

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